Tuesday, July 23, 2013

#Wwow! Planning a Blog Tour #2 - Writing Guest Posts

Planning a Blog Tour - Two weeks ago, I talked about blog touring companies. Now, let's talk about your responsibility during those tours. 


During a blog tour, some bloggers will participate by only providing Promo Posts. This would include your media kit, your book cover and author picture. However,other bloggers will want to interview you or ask for a guest post. Once you turn in your final edits, get an early start on guest posts. You don't want to have to sit down and write ten guest posts at once.  Believe me, once you hit the eight to ten mark, you'll burn out.

Here are some suggestions:
1)     Find topics related to your book. For example, in Breaking the Rules, I’ve written guest posts on famous rulebreakers and another on rules I’ve broken. Since my hero is a doctor, I’ve written about my favorite sexy doctors.My heroine is a nerdy principal who loves to play by the rules. I’ve written posts about how she plays the rules, why rules are important and even why she risked her heart. 
2)     Write about yourself! Here’s a post I wrote titled Five Outrageous Facts about a Romance Writer. So much fun! What are your favorite romance books? Favorite authors? Favorite writing spots? 
3)     Interviews are popular, too. Heroes and heroines are interviewed alone or together. Even interviews between authors and their own characters are fun.

THE POINT – START NOW while the story is fresh in your mind. Your novel may not release for months down the road and by then you’re already writing a new story and enveloped in other characters minds. Write a few posts and have them ready to go!

Here’s a list of guest posts for future reference:
  • ·         My Top 10 Contemporary Romance Novels
  • ·         5 Things You Didn’t Know About Becoming Published
  • ·         5 Things You Didn’t Know about (Your Name)
  • ·         10 Things You Didn’t Know about (Your Novel)
  • ·         10 Things Readers Would Be Surprised to Know About Me
  • ·         Top 10 Best Things about Being an Author
  • ·         What I’m Writing Next
  • ·         How to Meet Deadlines and Remain Sane
  • ·         Why Book Covers are So Important
  • ·         10 Favorite Authors and Why
  • ·         What Does Your Office Look Like?
  • ·         A Day in the Life of (main character)
  • ·         Why I Write Romance

Melinda Dozier is a contemporary writer. Her three debut novels were released in 2013: The Boy Next Door and Time Changes Everything from Entranced Publishing, and Breaking the Rules from Crimson Romance. You can find more information at her website: www.melindadozier.com