Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wow! We're Back! - Authors, Use Pinterest - #Wwow

Wow! We're back! 

Writer's Words of Wisdom provides a wealth of information for any author -- be it a debut author, like me, or an a well-versed author. We all have more to learn and that's where Writer's Words of Wisdom comes in. Each Tuesday, I'll be providing my advice from a "newbie's" perspective. I've learned so much in my first year as a published author and want to help anyone I can.

Today I'm going to share an oldie but goodie. My most popular #Wwow post from this past year -- Authors, Use Pinterest!

When I signed up for Pinterest about a year ago, I immediately loved it. I found too many recipes, too many crafts and too many funny jokes. There literally is so much out there, it can be TOO much. However, it isn't just for those who are planning weddings, baby showers, or dinner for the night.

As I became a serious writer, I soon realized that I can use Pinterest to my advantage. Today's Writers Words of Wisdom is about how to use Pinterest to an Author's Advantage.

Here's what to do:

1) Create an author page. I created a separate page since I have a pen name to use for my writing purposes. My primary purpose to add this social network was to organize my writing ideas/pictures and to get my name out there. Check me out at www.pinterest.com/melindadozier and follow me!

2) Create boards. Click the ADD+ link at the top of the page. CREATE a BOARD link is next. Of course, you are open to create anything! Here are the boards that I think are useful for other writers:

A board for each book you write. For example, I have a Time Changes Everything board with pictures of my MCs, the setting, important events, my book cover, etc. 

Story Inspirations: include quotes or pictures that may inspire future stories, novels, MCs

Hero/Heroine Inspirations: Similar to above but only pictures of possible MCs
Blogging: Here I pin blogs that I write (another great way to advertise yourself) and blogs I read that are useful.

Author Tools: Anything I find useful for writing, such as tips from the #Wwow weekly posts!

Music to Write To: Yep! You can even pin videos. 

On Reading/Writing: Quotes about Reading and Writing to help motivate writers

Take a look at some of my boards:

3) Find friends/authors. Now it's time to network. You can click on your name at the top right corner and there is a link that says FIND FRIENDS. You can search by email or Facebook. Aditionally, you can find names in the SEARCH box. I have followed favorite authors, writing friends and publishers.

All in all, Pinterest should not be overlooked as a way to promote yourself or to organize your ideas. If you haven't signed up, now is the time!

Melinda Dozier is a teacher by day and a sassy romance writer by night. She lives in Guatemala, Central America with the love of her life and three boys. Her debut novel, Time Changes Everything was released by Entranced Publishing on May 13, 2013. Her newest contemporary romance, Breaking the Rules, will be released next week on July 8, 2013 from Crimson Romance. You can find Melinda at her website: www.melindadozier.com or on Twitter www.twitter.com/melindadozier