Monday, July 1, 2013

Here We Are! DAY ONE of #WWoW!

This is DAY ONE of our new blog for writers. It seems only right to give you the history of how we began. In 2012, we started a weekly meme where authors posted Words of Wisdom for other writers on their personal blogs and in our facebook group. The posts included all types of advice based on our own experiences. Sometimes we had special guests and sometimes we just shared things we wished we had known in the beginning. We kept it simple but meaningful and that's our intention now. HERE you'll get concise information to help you in the wild world of being an author. It isn't all about the writing so authors need to know how to do everything else to help sell our books. OUR GOAL is to provide you with useful  tips.

The WWoW! Girls are all authors who come to you from a variety of backgrounds. We all have our own experiences to share and our own opinions to post. You'll hear about traditional publishing, small e-publishing, and self-publishing. You might find your style fits with one of us over the others -and you can find each of us by days- but the advice we give is genuine. Be sure to talk with us and let us know what works for you and if you have advice to share yourself.

Our first tip is all about Bloglovin'. Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you know Google Reader is now officially gone. If you subscribe to blogs by RSS feed and used Google Reader, you need to switch it up. We recommend Bloglovin'. It's similar to Google Reader, the functionality is nearly the same and it has mobile apps. So, go ahead, try it now and click the link below to follow us.

That's it for today. See, I kept it simple as promised.
Check out my BIO to the left.  My expertise is in social networking. Techy things come easy to me and I love using everything available on-line to market my books. I'm also organizationally-inclined and plan to share tips with you to keep you organized as well. I'll tell you everything I know, week by week. 
And if I don't talk about something you want to know, just ask.
I'll be back next Monday with some more Words of Wisdom!