Tuesday, January 21, 2014

#Wwow - Get Your Pitch On! Twitter Pitch Parties

Have you heard of online pitch parties? I'm happy to share that both my novels and my agent were contracted through Pitch Parties on Twitter. Yep, there's plenty of ways to query your book that go against the traditional route.

What is a Pitch Party? Many take place on Twitter. You "pitch" or "query" your book in 140 characters. Talk about complicated! Lurking behind the scenes are agents and editors. Here's my pitch that won an agent just this past December!

Speed dating isn't Vero’s idea of fun until she's reunited w/her only 1nightstand.Will Diego rock her world or break her heart? A

There's a whole lot more to tell, but you have to stick to the basics in 140 characters. If an editor or agent likes your pitch, they will comment or "like" it. Based on their instructions, you send partial/full/synopsis, whatever they want.

Also, some blogs hold Pitch Parties where you can pitch your manuscript in 50 words or more.

Today I will tell you about upcoming pitch parties. There are many throughout the year, but a few are coming up in the next month and you don't want to miss!

Upcoming Pitch Parties

Sun vs. Snow - Began Jan. 18. Although this started already, you can follow on Twitter using the #sunvssnow hashtag to see how a pitch party works.

#AdPit - February 5 on Twitter.
Open to Adult and New Adult Fiction & Nonfiction

Occasionally specific publishers hold online Twitter Pitch Parties. Make sure you follow your favorite publishers so you don't miss.

#PitMad March 2014

PitchMadness (official)

This will take place in March 2014. Exact date not yet announced.

Writer's Voice Pitch Party #WVTP- May 2014

#Pitchmas - July 2014

This takes place in July 2014. Exact date not yet announced.

Twitter Pitch Party Rules:
1. Only pitch finished manuscripts
2. Pitch only once or twice an hour (depending on the contest)
3. Do not favorite other's pitches (this if for the agents/editors). If you like a pitch, retweet it only.
4. If you receive a favorite, scroll through that agent/editor's feed to find out their instructions of what to do next (submission guidelines).
5. Don't forget to use the Pitch Party hashtag!

Twitter Pitch Parties can be hectic. The feed is crazy!
There are spammers. Just ignore them.

Melinda Dozier is a contemporary romance author. Her novel, Breaking the Rules from Crimson Romance, was a #PitchMad success! She is also published with Swoon Romance with her anthology Love and Other Games, which centers around the Winter Olympics. You can find her at www.melindadozier.com