Thursday, August 1, 2013

Why do I need a critique partner?

Today I wanted to talk about the importance of critique partners and having ones who will be honest. Of course, we all want to hear that our work is great and it's going to be the next best seller, but I can tell you, it can always be better. There are always plot holes or somewhere it could be polished a little more. So when you're choosing a critique partner, be sure to look for someone with experience in this industry.

I have a wonderful team that helps me. Every now and then I write something and turn it in without them reading it first. Guess how those edits go? No where near as as good as when I have them do a read through.

What are some things you want your critique partner to look for?

1. Plot holes of course. A funny example. In the last Hot Bods book, Opposites Attract, I didn't have my CP's read it. During edits, my editor found a naughty scene where the couples was intimate. My hero reached behind his head to get a pillow. Guess what? He was on top, straddling her. I don't think there were any floating pillows in that room. lol. So, if I'd taken the time to have them read it, I bet they would've
spotted that!

2. Over used words. You might not always see that you used the word lick six times in a paragraph. Eventually you'll learn to spot those, but when you're reading your own writing, you're going to miss those things.

3. Things just not reading right. You wrote it and when you read it, it makes sense. But your CP might read a sentence and think "what the heck is she trying to say?" And that's important! If they don't get it, chances are someone else won't either. And do you want to leave your readers wondering if they know what you're trying to say?

4. Overall suggestions. Do they think something could be taken away or something needs to be added. Should something be reworded or was there too much telling and not enough showing.

Most importantly, if you read a suggestion that you don't agree with. Never forget, you're the author. But before you make a rash decision to ignore what your CP has said, let the comment sit before you move on. Your CP isn't there to trash you. Your CP if there to help you and your writing succeed.

I'm very thankful for my CP's. and I hope that you're able to find one as well.

See ya next week!