Thursday, August 8, 2013

Getting Organized! #wwow

Today's post - getting organized! And that's what I'm currently doing--I forgot to get this post done until now, when I'm writing it.

1. To-do lists: A must. I have a neat one I bought from Target with the days of the week on it. I jot down what needs to be done on what days or even what's due on those days. Yes, computers are handy and phone apps, but sometimes it's good to go old school and write it down so it stares at you.

2. Schedule posts: If you're a blogger, and your blog has the ability to let you schedule posts, then take advantage of it. I use weebly and blogger. Unfortunately, weebly does not offer this (even though when Imy to-do list to make it go live the night before.
complete there 'How Are We Doing' surveys, I always tell them that). But I make a point to sit down on Sundays and schedule everything I can. Or on my weebly, leave it in draft and make a note on

3. Give yourself deadlines: If you want to complete the book you're writing my August 25th, then write it down. Work your hardest to do it, and turn facebook off! However, I will say, if you don't meet your deadline, don't eat a whole pint of ice cream. Just move your deadline. That's the great part of being an author. You are your own boss! Well, except when you have edits. Then make sure you get those done in time so you don't hold up your release schedule.

Those are just a few tips!

See ya next week!