Tuesday, October 8, 2013

#Wwow - Checking Sales Ranks

 It's book release day and what do you do? Yep! Check and recheck your book sales ... even when you tell yourself you won't! So, I'm here to share a few online sources for checking sales. Although I have heard it's not quite accurate, it is helpful to "calm" your nerves.

Completely free for tracking book sales from Amazon (all domains).

Once you type in your book name, the site provides sales information:

You can also download Excel Spreadsheet format or check out Twitter and Blog searches.

Completely free sales ranking with searchable items.

You can search by your author name or book name.

I've also found this site useful for researching publishers and their sales ranks for recently released books.

Melinda Dozier is a contemporary romance writer. Her three debut novels were released in 2013: The Boy Next Door and Time Changes Everything from Entranced Publishing, and Breaking the Rules from Crimson Romance. Her latest release, Love and Other Games: Trouble With Gold was released last week from Swoon Romance. You can find more information at her website:www.melindadozier.com