Thursday, September 26, 2013

Got The Writer's Blues?

When making the choice to be a writer, whether for a hobby or a career, you learn quickly how lonely it is. You need quiet and your mind to write, so you can't be chatting on the phone while you write your next great piece.

So what happens when the blues hit? The self doubt, the sadness when something doesn't go the way you want. Who to talk to?

If you're like me, your "real life" friends don't really want to listen to your woes. They can't necessarily relate to why you're upset about a sale rank to a book you threw months of work into, only to learn the rest of the world isn't interested in it.

Hopefully, if you're published or not, you've got your writer-self hooked up somehow on social media. Authors and writers are on facebook all day it seems, writing status after status. I think writers post more than anyone else, but it's our outlet. Its how we connect with other writers, and they understand.

Hopefully within time, you build a relationship with one or two authors/writers. And then hopefully you can cry to each other. You can email them when you want to throw in the towel, and they will have the magic words to keep you from doing just that. I know I've been talked off the ledge a time or two. I've been close to quitting, but their words kept me around. As well as fans. I then often remind myself that I'm not writing for the money. Though...when I get a little, it's always worth it. I write because I like it. Love the craft of developing the characters in the early stages as I figure out just where the story is going to go.

While I don't have answer to beating all the writer's blues. I will say chocolate helps, taking a break and doing something else, as well as talking with other close writer friends. Then take a step back and see what's bothering you. If it's a rank of a book---QUIT LOOKING! If it's the story you're working on---WALK AWAY AND WORK ON ANOTHER. Most of the times you can find a fix. Don't let the blues take over.

Until next time, keep that smile on and your fingers on the keyboard. :)