Thursday, September 19, 2013

Don't Neglect Your Facebook Fan Page #wwow

As authors, we usually have both a fan page for "likes" as well as a facebook page where we "friend". Each page is important, but I must be honest, sometimes I forget about the fan page. The one I advertise and ask for "likes". I have a decent amount of likes, so I need to make sure I'm paying attention to them.

One thing I recently discovered was you can schedule posts on your fan page. I think it's important that you post at least three times a week on the page, and make sure you interact back. Even if it's just liking someones comments. The point of social media is to be social.

How to schedule posts:
See the clock on the left hand corner. Click it.

Then, simply select the year, month, date, hour, and minute.

Then click schedule!

Also, don't always talk about your writing. Be someone relatable. Have young children? Share something funny. Or even photos of pets.

A great way to get your fans talking is with a giveaway. Have a book with a theme? Use it. Such as when my story Finding Home released and I did a giveaway, I asked readers to share a funny moment when they were pregnant or someone they knew. I'd then randomly pick two people to win. It worked out well. I had fans chatting with fans!

That's my tip for the week. Reaching readers is hard sometimes, but if we keep ourselves out there and our pages fresh, hopefully readers will like us and perhaps one day pick up a copy of our books.

See ya next week!